Classes, Retreats and Special Events
With Saki and Friends


August 24 – 26, 2018:  Public talk and special weekend retreat with Pir Zia in den Haag at the Sufi Center Anna Paulownastraat (Friday evening) and at the Sufi Temple in Katwijk aan Zee (Saturday and Sunday) .  For more information write to:  or write to us for a flyer at

September 2:  Sufi Center Den Haag, open Sufi meditation class with Saki and Graciete Musawira Parizio on Sacred Movement;  followed by a Brazilian Power dance workshop by Graciete Musawira

7-12  SeptemberEgmond, Holland individual retreats at beautiful Lioba Monastery – nearby the sea, dunes and forests guided by Saki – only two places left!

September 22, 2018 through June 22, 2019:  Lightsong Online, a monthly series of online classes on the theme Awakening the Human Spirit.  These classes have been supportive and inspiring for many people around the world.  For more information, look at Special Events page.  You can join this series at any time.

September 30  – October 6, 2018:   Kissamos, Western Crete:  Retreat on Crete:  The Art of Growing Older and Wiser. A  special retreat to inspire joy, meaningfulness and courage for those 50 years of age on up – in the beauty of unspoiled western  Crete. Lots of free time to swim and relax!   Flyer is available.  only a few places left

October 21: Den Haag Sufi Center – a very special afternoon with world reknown Syrian dancer Ahmad Joudeh – besides a dance performance he will be giving a dance workshop.  Not to be missed!   Proceeds support his work “Dance or Die” and project for orphan children in Damascus.

November 11:  Den Haag Sufi Center:  a public lecture with Shaikh al Mashaikh Mahmood Khan, nephew of Sufi mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan,  followed by Sufi music and poetry “The Mantle of Love” with Mehmet and Ali Ungan, Sipko den Boer and  Cengiz Arslanpay.  Benefit for the Hope Project

December 9:  Den Haag Sufi Center:  a Sufi class on Advent with Saki and Shankha, followed by community singing with lovers of sacred song.

14-16 December: Naarden, Theosophical Center:  Winter Retreat –  a popular residential  retreat ied by Saki.  With music, dance, meditation and spiritual practice.  info:  Shakira, e-mail


India 2019: Journey to the Source 

Feb 3-5: Journey to the Source, INDIA  Urs celebration Hazrat Inayat Khan, New Delhi; Feb. 6- 13:  Rajasthan desert individual retreats.. We only have a few places left in this caravan so do inquire early for more information if you are interested!  Flyer and details are available. info: Shakira, e-mail:

March 8-10, 2019:  Vienna, Austria   Annual non-residential retreat at the beautiful House of Peace in Vienna, led by Saki, with meditation, sacred music and dance, and Sufi practices.  Info:  Zahir, e-mail:

April 5-7, 2019:  Dumfries, Scotland  Annual Spring  residential  retreat at Allanton Peace Sanctuary near Glasgow led by Saki, with Dances of Universal Peace, meditation, Sufi practices.  Info:  Latifa Nur, e-mail:

May 3-5, 2019:  Bielefeld, Germany Annual non-residential retreat led by Saki, with Dances of Universal Peace, meditation and Sufi practices.  Info:  Maria, email:

May 17 – 24, 2019:  Lioba Monastery, Egmond Binnen, Holland:  Individually guided retreats led by Saki in beautiful Lioba nearby dunes, sea and forest.  Limited places available so inquire early!   e-mail:

June 7-8, 2019:  Lioba Monastery, Egmond Binnen, Holland:  a special weekend of the prayers and Aramaic dances led by Dr. Neil Douglas Saadi Klotz.  Limited places available so inquire early!   e-mail:

For all classes, retreats and Music of Life events please contact us:

Write to Shakira:;   tel. and WhatsApp:  +31 6 55342134