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Lightsong-Inayatiyya Online classes
february – june 2018

Welcome! We are glad that you’ve decided to join our next series of Lightsong-Inayatiyya Online classes – “The Heart of Sufism”- with Saki. This next series of monthly classes will begin at the end of February and run until the summer break at the end of June. It is aimed at offering ongoing spiritual support and guidance for those who seek to deepen and integrate Sufi teachings into daily life.


Tuition for the classes are on a sliding scale according to your ability to pay. For the entire series of five months, you may choose to pay one of the following: €75,- or €90,- or €105, However, please feel free to contact us if you need any other arrangements. All sincere seekers are welcome and we aim to make this accessible to all.

You may pay by bank or by PayPal (+ 3 euro bank cost for PayPal).

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If you have any questions or concerns please write to us at We will be happy to answer your questions.