Individual Retreats

Individual retreats

Retreat is a dress rehearsal for daily life. – Pir Vilayat –

To go on an individual  retreat is a  gift to yourself. For a focused period of time – whether for 5 days or 40 days –  the busyness and accelerated pace of  outer life can come to a gentle halt as you step outside the circle of time and into the presence of your own inner life.

On retreat, we have a rare opportunity to gather your attention back to what truly matters to you.  The silence, solitude,  spiritual practice and a beautiful, natural environment are conductive to receiving inner guidance and renewal in body, mind and heart.

Saki’s focus on guiding individual retreats are both healing as well as  transformative.   Besides  directing a part of the retreat on rejuvenating body-mind-heart, it is also a clearing and purifying process that brings you back into balance and harmony with yourself.  Going a step further, the retreat follows the alchemical process of transforming consciousness from a predominantly materialistic or mental level to the subtler, luminous state of your essential soul nature. When the wings of your heart open wide and consciousness is  raised to the higher frequencies and vibrations of love, the Divine Presence is then both transcendent as well as immanent.

The alchemical retreat was developed by Sufi mystic Pir Vilayat, who drew on the inspiration and framework of the stages of alchemy, and incorporates the universal wisdom teachings shared by Buddhism, Taoism, Yoga, Christian mysticism and Sufism.

The alchemical principles of transforming heavier metals of copper and iron to the precious metals of silver and gold are applied to the transformation process of human consciousness.  During retreat, there is a process of transforming ordinary states of ego consciousness to a subtler consciousness of one’s luminous soul nature.  More than simply a metaphor for the awakening of a human being to his or her essential divinity; the alchemical retreat is a journey through a deeply human process of awakening to the divinity of one’s true being while paying attention to all of the obscurations and blockages that cover this.

On retreat you will  let the world take care of itself for awhile.

What to expect while on retreat? Each day on retreat  your retreat guide meets with you individually, listens to your dreams and how things are with you, and then  suggests spiritual practices for the day,  which may include:

  • Reflection and self inquiry
  • Concentration, contemplation, meditation and self realization exercises
  • Breath, light, sacred phrases, wazaif and zhikr
  • Walks in nature
  • Movement practices
  • Silence, solitude and mindful presence

Each retreat is different as the needs of each retreatant is unique. But through the framework of alchemy  we are led  to an experiential process of exploring the depths, heights, width and outreach of human consciousness.  This allows the next step in our lives  to unfold with renewed inspiration, dedication, and joy.  And by the time you leave retreat to go home,  you will take with you the essence and perfume your retreat back with you into your daily life as a gift to share with your loved ones and your greater world community.

“We must be the changes we wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi –

Throughout the year there are different possibilities to go on individual retreat. (See calendar of events and flyers)

ZOOM RETREATS:  SINCE THE CORONA PANDEMIC MORE PEOPLE ARE GOING ON INDIVIDUAL RETREAT VIA ZOOM!   For many people who cannot travel or afford the cost of residential retreats, this has been a wonderful alternative to in-person retreats!  Please inquire:

The fulfillment of spiritual practice is diving deep within oneself; it is communicating with each atom of life existing in the whole world; it is realizing the real ‘I’ in which is the fulfillment of life’s purpose.
Hazrat Inayat Khan