Lightsong Special Events

2019 Special Events:  


Since 2015, Saki, has been giving a series of monthly online classes to explorers on the spiritual path from over seventeen countries.  The series of classes run from September through June each year – just as “live” classes would be given.

Archives from these past series are available: Spirituality in Daily Life;  The Alchemy of Transformation; The Art of Being and Becoming; Cultivating Inner Strength To Meet Life’s Challenges; Intuition and the Spirit of Guidance; The Heart of Sufism; and Awakening the Human Spirit.

The next online series begins in September 2019 “This Blessed Journey” which will explore the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan paraphrased and presented by his son Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, with whom Saki was a student for over 40 years.  In particular, we will be exploring the Sufi planes of consciousness and the four modes of spiritual practice.  These teachings will include updated teachings and practices from Pir Zia Inayat Khan.

by Click on the link:  September 2019 – June 2020 and feel free to write to us for more information!


As a response to the atrocities that have been taking place especially in Syria, and as a support for the poor and vulnerable for the  Hope Project in India, we have been organizing benefit concerts since 2016.

Our objective is to awaken awareness of humankind’s interdependence and interconnectedness – beyond the boundaries of race, color, religion, culture and nation.   We are one human family sharing the same home on earth.  Our intention is to inspire, connect and bring more empathy to our world through music and the creative arts.

These gatherings take  place in the Hague at the Universal Sufi center, not far from the world-renown Peace Peace. Anna Paulownastraat 78  2518 BJ Den Haag,  Flyers are available.  Write to us:


January 6:  Sufi class followed by a New Year’s Reception

March 3:  Sufi class followed by Music from the Mediterranean with Emine Bostance (Turkey), Nazeer Abdulhai (Syria) and Bence Huszar (Hungary).  A potluck vegetarian meal ends our day together.

April 14: Awakening to Love, an Easter Retreat Day with Saki Lee, followed by a vegetarian potluck dinner

May 12: Sufi class followed by reknown storyteller Sahand Sahebdivan (Iran) and musician Anastasis Saratkasanos (Greece)

June 2:  Sufi class on Mysticism of Sound, followed by dhrupad concert with Ilyas Nadjafi (Afghanistan) and Arash Mahdawi (Iran)

September 15:  Sufi class “Love is a Flame” followed by music, dance and poetry offerings in celebration of a special 25th wedding anniversary.  Reception with drinks and snacks.

October 20: Sufi class followed by concert with Amazonon Trio, music from the Middle East and Meditteranean with Jacobus Thiele,  Juliano Abramavay and Daniel de Boer.

November 17:  A public talk on Sufism and Music with Shaikh al mashaikh Mahmood Khan, nephew of Hz. Inayat Khan, followed by a music concert (t.b.a.)

December 22:   Sufi class followed by Christmas sing-along and vegetarian potluck dinner.


January 7:  Sufi class followed by New Years Concert with violin virtuoso Satyakam Mohkamsing and Ganesh Ramnath; a reception and potluck dinner follows. 

March 11: Sufi class followed by a Dhrupad Indian Vocal Music and Persian Ghazals, with Ilyas Nadjafi – benefit concert for the Hope Project.  Potluck dinner follows

April 15- Sufi class followed by a special dance performance and workshop with Syrian dancer Ahmad Joudeh – benefit event for Syrian orphans in Damascus . Potluck dinner follows

May 13 –  Sufi class followed by  programme on Rumi’s poetry,  Mevlevi music and sema, with Sipko den Boer and Cengiz Arsanpay.  Benefit for the Hope Project.

September 2:  Sufi class followed byThe Dance of the Soul with Brazilian dancer Graciete Musawira Parizio.  Benefit for the Hope Project . Potluck dinner follows.

October 21:   Dance performance and workshop with Ahmad Joudeh!  mark this in your calendar as there will be limited space and he is a very inspiring dancer! Potluck dinner follows.

November 11:  Public lecture with Shaikh al Mashaikh Mahmood Khan, nephew of Hazrat Inayat Khan, followed by Sufi music and poetry presented by Mehmet and Ali Ungan, Sipko den Boer and Cengiz Arslanpay “The Mantle of Love.”  

December 9:  Sufi class followed by community singing and Dances of Universal Peace with the friends of Lightsong.


February 12 – Love Human and Divine, an afternoon with Sacred dance, music, mystical poetry and Sufi meditation with Saki, Terry, and Shankha

March 19 – Araban Trio – Ottoman music with Nazeer Abdulhai (Syria), Emine Bostanci (Turkey)  and Jacobus Thiele (Germany)

April 9 – Piano concert with Mike del Ferro and audio visual presentation with  Sofia Maya Dawoudi (Syria): Meet the Syrians – Art for Celebration

May 14 –  classical Indian music concert with Prewien Pandohi-Mishre (Suriname) and  Yama Sarshar (Australia-Afghanistan).

June 18: Urs Celebration of Pir Vilayat, with audio visual presentation, sacred music and dance, and a special benefit concert for the Hope Project with Sougata Roy Chouwdury (India) and Ganesh Ramnath (Holland).

August 7 – 12: Creating Sanctuary – Welcoming the Friend and Stranger – a retreat with Saki  in the beautiful, sheltered retreat area of our annual Alps camp.

September 17:  The Dance of the Soul:  Sacred movement and dance with Brazilian dancer Graciete Musawira Parizio

October 22:    Inspiring Qawwali concert with vocalist Iliyas Nadjafi (Afghanistan), Yama Sarshar (Australia-Afghanistan) and Ganesh Ramnath (Holland)

November 19:  Public lecture with Shaikh ul Mashaikh Mahmood Khan, nephew of Hazrat Inayat Khan, followed by music/story telling presentation by Sarhand Sahebdivani (Iran)

December 3:  Uplifting  Taize singing led by Meike Heegardt ( Bremen, Germany)


May 1:  Classical Indian Music Concert, with Jean Christophe Bonnafous on bansuri flute and Niti Ranjan Biswas  on tabla.

June 19:  – Sufi mystic Pir Vilayat’s Urs and 100th birthday celebration:     A day filled with music, dance, a multi-media presentation, and a benefit Indian music concert for the Hope Project with with Siddharth Kishna (sitar) and Ganesh Ramnath (tabla)

October 11:  A vibrant concert with many young and talented musicians from CODARTS world music concervatory.  The ensembles included Syrian, Greek, Iranian, Cretan, German, Israel, and Dutch participants.

November 13:  Besides an inspiring lecture by Shaikh al mashaikh Mahmood Khan on the Aristocracy and Democracy of the Soul, we had again a wonderful Indian music concert with Siddharth Kishna, accompanied by Ted de Jong on tabla.

December 11:  The Aramaic prayers of the Cosmos and other sacred songs and Dances of Universal Peace with Noor and Saki celebrated Advent and the return to light.

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February 8-14, Rajasthan INDIA desert retreat:  a 7 day retreat in the desert of Rajasthan.  The next retreat takes place  February 7 – 17 2018,  and is a 10 day silent retreat.

March 4 and 5:  a two day retreat on The Aramaic Jesus and the Sufis. with Dr. Neil Douglas Saadi Klotz. He will guide a residential retreat in de Weyst, Holland June 15 – 17, 2018 in de Weyst, Holland.

August 8 – 13:  The Alchemy of Beauty retreat with Saki took place in the beautiful, sheltered retreat area of our annual Alps camp.


The Art of Growing Older and Wiser

Come and join us on the unspoiled beauty of Crete’s west coast for a special retreat on aging and spirituality.  This will be sacred time for you who are 50 years of age on up to explore, highlight and harvest the creativity, guidance, and meaningfulness of your life’s journey.  See group retreat page or click here for more information.

Jean-Christophe Bonnafus, who has been a guest musician of Lightsong