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We Kindle Her Light

Songs and Prayers for the Divine Feminine

The songs and prayers on this recording are contemporary offerings which honor and celebrate the Divine Feminine, who appears in many names, forms and wisdom traditions in response to humankind's needs. Recording includes Ancient Mother, Shaddai, Shekhina, Ardvisura Anahita, Merrymeet, and much more. With voices, piano, flute, violin, guitars, framedrums and tamboura.This is a bouquet of flowers, grown with love, from the garden of the goddess.

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Listen to Ancient Mother

O Cupbearer! Sufi Songs and Prayers to the Beloved

These are songs of the heart's longing for the Beloved, prayers which help us to remember God, musical meditations which allow us to become intimate with ourselves and the inner experience of love's unity.

"…at the conclusion of listening to this, one feels tuned in all one's centers, and very much in harmony with the spirit of the Sufi message…" - Heart and Wings magazine, Washington

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Listen to Zhikr of Love

Invocation of Light and Remembrance

This is a recording for deep inner journeys, which carries you off on the endless drone of tamboura, ocean waves, wind chimes, Tibetan bowl, psalter, and peaceful chanting. Designed for meditation and deep relaxation, binaural beat signals were added to stimulate Theta brain waves in the listener.

"…one of the finest healing recordings available…" - Sacred Spirit Music, New York

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This Nostalgia, This Longing

This recording features original music set to Sufi mystical poetry and prayers, as well as devotional chants adapted from both contemporary as well as traditional spiritual sources. Voices, flutes, violin, santoor, guitars, harmonium, tamboura and psalter weave harmony and create an ambiance of sacredness, exaltation, devotion and peace.

"…very sweet, calming, gentle…use it to heal wounds of the heart and soul…" - Heartsong Review, Oregon –

Price: €15 exclusive shipping and handling