Rajasthan, India

 Individual Retreats in the Thar Desert, RAJASTHAN, INDIA

due to COVID we will not be planning our annual trip to India in 2022

We hope and pray to return again soon!

camelsWhen we return again you are invited to join other pilgrims of the heart on a journey by camel into the Thar desert of Rajasthan after the Urs celebration of Hazrat Inayat Khan in Delhi (February 3- 5, )

There, the spacious expanse of the desert, starry skies, exquisite sunrises, and peaceful calm after the intensity of urban India will welcome and nourish your soul’s longing to journey inward on individual retreat.

Our retreat site will be fully equipped with tents, sleeping cots and clean, warm bedding; clean water for washing and a simple hut for sanitation needs are provided.

Our daily rhythm in the desert will include individual guidance and suggested practices for sitting, walking – or even optional afternoon camel ride meditations.  At sunset we share a zhikr circle and after dinner we have informal singing around the campfire together.

Come and return to the source of wisdom and inspiration within the oasis of your heart!

For more detailed information write to:  lightsong@gmail.com or phone 00316703867800

Places on this retreat are limited.  Also, certain acommodations in  Delhi around this time will be easily booked full, so do inquire early