Sacred music

Sacred Music

What makes us feel drawn to music is that our whole being is music; our mind and our body, the nature in which we live, the nature that has made us, all that is beneath and around us… it is all music.”

– Sufi mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan –

Vina concert with Bahauddin Dagar in Delhi

Lightsong Inayatiyya hosts or co-leads sacred music events as part of our “passion for the unattainable” (see Special Events).  Since 2016  many wonderful musicians have volunteered their talents to support our benefit concerts for the Hope Project in India as well as for medical aid to Syria.  These series have been given under the umbrella of THE MUSIC OF LIFE:  CONNECTING HEARTS

Among some of the friends who have been recent guests

  • Pandit Ashok Pathak (surbahar and sitar)
  • Ganesh Ramnath (tabla)
  • Satyakam Mohkamsing (violinist)
  • Ilyas Nadjafi and ensemble (dhrupad and qawwali music)
  • Ahmed Joudeh (dancer from Syria)
  • Jean Christophe Bonnafous (bansuri flute)
  • Niti Ranjan Biswas (tabla)
  • Robin Becker (Continuum Movement)
  • Leilah Be (Dances of Universal Peace)
  • Barbara Swetena (sacred song circles)
  • Michael Stillwater (song healer)
  • Siddarth Krisna (sitar – classical Indian music)
  • Saadi Neil Douglas Klotz (Aramaic and Sufi prayer-dances)
  • Halima and Abraham Sussman (Dances of Universal Peace)
  • Ali and Mehmet Ungan, Sipko den Boer (Turkish and Sufi music)
  • Marianne Svasek (Dhrupad singing)
  • Students and friends from CODARTS World Music school, including Alexandros Papadamitrakis, Jawa Manla, Charis Laurijsen,  Meir Gassenbauer, and many others
  • Araban Trio (Nazeer Abdulhai, Emine Bostanci, and Jacobus Thiele – Ottoman music)
  • Prewien Pandohi (classical Indian vocal) and Yama Sarshar (tabla)
  • Vairag ensemble (Sougata Roy Chowdury, Ganesh Ramnath and Matwala Prem – classical Indian music)
  • Ottoman music with Charis, Sipko and Cenghiz

Kala Ramnath

We also want to bring awareness to the unifying power of music in a world that is often divided by cultural or religious intolerance. Our friends in the UK have put together a new Sacred Music Radio program which is an internet radio station specifically designed to showcase sacred music from around the world. Please tune in and enjoy!

Ancient Mother

Music is
A cup holding the wine of silence…
The inexpressible whisper of our soul’s secrets….
A sweet nectar and outburst of ecstasy and delight….
The sacred medicine that heals and uplifts us from earthly cares…
Music is
A universal language for humanity, a grace and blessing from the angels…
The tuning of our hearts to the higher frequencies of love, harmony and beauty….
An invitation for the Beloved to enter our hearts unhesitatingly….
Prayer, devotion and glorification as spiritual food for our soul’s deepest hunger….
Music is
A dance we can share
A bridge you and I can walk across together
Between this imperfect world of form
And the formless world of invisible grace….
Let us meet where
Music is.