Lightsong-Inayatiyya online classes with Saki Lee – Februari 2018

After a pause in January and February 2018, the next series of monthly online classes with Saki Lee will begin again on February 25, 2018, and continue until June 24, 2018.  Saki is a senior teacher and guide in the Inayati Order, and has been offering these classes since 2015 to an international community of spiritual travellers.

This series of classes will be an exploration of The Heart of Sufism, which will include music, practices and attunements to help you maintain regularity in your spiritual practice. The foundation of these classes is based on the universal Sufi teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, h Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan and Pir Zia Inayat Khan. There will also be interweaving of poetry and teachings from other mystical wisdom traditions.

In between receiving a monthly class in which you will have access to either online or to download (and which you can listen to at your own leisurely pace), you will also receive an invitation each week to reflect on some of the themes addressed in the classes, as well as the opportunity for small group meetings on skype and access to a closed Facebook group.

Each monthly class contains three different sections, each being between 35-40 minutes long:

    • a morning attunement to start off the day with prayer, music, breath and meditation practices;a section on Sufi teachings with relevant wazaif practice and awareness meditation
    • a section on Sufi teachings with relevant zhikr practice and awareness meditation.
    • a shorter “mystic relaxation” as a bonus fourth section – usually inspirational music to relax body, mind, heart and soul to.

These classes have been offered to both new and experienced meditators and spiritual seekers world wide since 2015. The impulse for these classes is to offer supplementary support for mureeds who seek ongoing connection with an international community and the transmission of guidance that flows through the lineage of the Inayati Sufi Order. It is not meant to take the place of going on retreats or being in regular contact with your Sufi guide.

For any questions about your joining this online group please write to us at: However, if you are ready to say yes and jump right in, please click on the link here and you will be directed to the registration and payment page.

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